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The Unbound Space is here to support you in healing and deep inner-exploration, and to empower you to live in alignment with your highest aspirations and values.


My wish is to inspire and support you to realise and live up to your full potential! With a background in marine science, I am also a certified Advanced Sivananda Yoga instructor, holistic counsellor, Soul Plan reader and reiki practitioner. I hold space for individuals and groups to connect to...

Holistic counselling works with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives to provide integrated insight and change. Whether you are struggling with depression, life direction, relationships, identity or self-worth questions, holistic counselling will... 



Tara teaches hatha yoga classes for adults, teens, and in the workplace in the UK and online. The Unbound Space offers yoga retreats, workshops and meditation classes worldwide... 


If we feel something is lacking in life it is a good sign that we are not fully accessing our individual unique capacities. A Soul Plan reading reveals a new way of seeing your life and relationships, allowing you to connect to the most creative and loving expression of your deepest aspirations and highest human purpose...

Email: tara@theunboundspace.org   |  Kardamyli, Greece   |   Telephone: +30(0)6980135985

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