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Practising Yoga by the Sea


The Unbound Space is here to support you in healing and deep self-exploration, and to empower you to live in alignment with your highest aspirations and values.

In the space that is unbound from conditioning, beliefs, expectations and limitations, we gain renewed awareness of the expanded beauty and power of our core identity. From here we can allow our fullest potential to unravel.

Meet Tara

Do you know how amazing you really are? My wish is to inspire and support you to realise and live up to your full potential.


With a background in marine science, I am also a certified Advanced Sivananda Yoga instructor, holistic counsellor, Soul Plan reader and reiki practitioner. I hold space for individuals and groups to connect to their own self-healing potential, and awaken to an expanded life purpose.

I love nature and respect the sciences. I am also committed to finding experiential answers for myself that lie beyond that which science can currently measure. I stumbled across the true transformational power of yoga while experiencing depression in 2014. For the best part of three years I then volunteered in yoga ashrams around the world, learning how to integrate these ancient teachings into modern living. I have since trained in Soul Plan reading, holistic counselling and reiki to honour my calling - to support others in their unbinding from living in limitation.

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