Holistic counselling works with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives to provide integrated insight and change. It is for anyone who is ready to allow for transformation in an area of their personality and behaviour, life situation, or mental and emotional landscapes.

Whether you are struggling with depression, life direction, relationships, identity or self-worth questions, holistic counselling will support you in connecting to your own wisdom and power to create the necessary shifts to expand your life experience, both internally and externally.

Typical holistic counselling methods include non-judgemental listening, breath and mindfulness exercises, parts work, visualisation, cord clearing, vow breaks, forgiveness exercises, dream work, Soul Plan readings, affirmations and recommendations for starting classes or specific practices at home.



Online or in person - 30 min

This free 30 minute session is a great way to meet Tara, ask any questions, and get a sense of whether she is the right counsellor for you. 



In person - 60 min

Reiki is a relaxing way to revitalise your system and release emotional and energetic blocks. It supports the body's natural healing capacity, aids detoxification, and can offer deep insights into your personal tendencies and subconscious beliefs.



Online or in person - 60 min

Counselling sessions with Tara to release what holds you back in life, and welcome a more aligned way of being.



In person - 90 min

This 90 minute session starts and ends with holistic counselling to deepen the reiki effect - gain deeper insight into the subconscious beliefs and limiting tendencies to unleash your full potential.



Online or in person - 60 min

Book five sessions at a reduced rate and dedicate this time to exploring how to allow for the life of expansion that fulfils your true potential.



Online or in person - various

You are empowered to chose the right combination of holistic counselling with Soul Plan and Yoga coaching support that works for you. Get in touch and let's discuss!

£ various

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Discounts are available for those in low-income households.

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