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Yoga offers many practices to energise the body, and calm and elevate the mind.

The practices of Hatha Yoga that are most popular in the west primarily focus on the physical and vital sheaths of our being, by working with the body and the breath to influence the flow of life force or prana, which is directly linked to the mind. Among the many health and emotional benefits, regular practice also quickly creates more space between the observer and the mind's habitual identifications, allowing for more joy and contentment in our daily existence.

Like other spiritual practices, by raising the vibration of our being, yoga connects us to our core essence, to pure Love. This gradually harmonises our psyche and aligns our personality with our individual dharma or Soul Plan, allowing for a life of more peace, wisdom and fulfillment. 

Ultimately, the different paths of yoga aim to lead us to recognise and reunite with our core identity, which is synonymous with Atman - the underlying unity of Pure Consciousness that pervades all.

Yoga Class


East Sussex, UK & Online

Regular Hatha Yoga classes taught in the Sivananda tradition are currently offered by Tara in East Sussex, UK and online worldwide. Check the Hum Yoga Facebook page for the current class schedule or get in touch.

Fun at Yoga


Various Locations, UK

Yoga increases concentration, relieves stress and improves relationships, productivity and overall wellbeing. We adapt 

ancient yogic teachings to suit staff's needs and the individual culture of your workplace: please get in touch!



Various Locations

We offer various workshops focusing on understanding, managing and transmuting mental, emotional and behavioural habits from a yogic and counselling perspective. Please enquire for details or sign up for our newsletter.

Teen Students


East Sussex, UK

The teenage years are ideal for integrating soul-connecting practices to bolster integrity and a healthy sense of 'self'. We offer yoga classes in youth centres and schools. Get in touch for more info or to invite us to teach at your location.

Pool Reflection Stretching


Various Locations

A retreat is the perfect way to disentangle from daily habits and nourish your connection to expanded ideals. We are planning the next Unbound Space Yoga retreats! Please enquire for details or sign up for our newsletter.

Yoga Pose


Various Locations

The chanting of sanskrit mantras offers a powerful preparation and support to your meditation or mindfulness practice by transmuting emotions and elevating and stilling the mind. Please enquire for details or sign up for our newsletter.

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